Tattoo Aftercare

1. Approximately two hours after receiving your tattoo, remove bandage (if applicable) and wash tattoo with H2Ocean Foam Somp or an antibacterial soap. Wash the tattoo 3-4 times a day until healed. When washing, use only your hand and a light amount of soap.

Do not soak the tattoo. When drying, pat dry. Do not let air-dry!

2. After washing, lightly cover the tattoo with H2Ocenn Aquatat. Use a thin enough coat to lightly cover the tattoo and keep it moist. Do not over medicate! (If ointment bubbles up or appears shiny, you are over medicating.) To remove excess medication,

BLOT off with a paper towel. Do this for approximately 3-4 days,

3 .After 3 days, switch from H2Ocean Aquatat to color free/ fragrance free lotion: We recommend H2Ocean Tattoo Cream. Use lotion/eream for next 6-8 days to keep tattoo from drying out. If tattoo dries out, scabbing will occur. If tattoo scabs, DO NOT PICK AT IT.

4. If possible, wear only white cotton over the tattoo for the next few days.

5. Keep tattoo out of the sun for the next two weeks while healing.

6. After your tattoo heals, remember to put a sun block with at least SPF#50 on it whenever it is exposed. This will help your tattoo from fading