1289 Roswell Rd.

Suite 400

Marietta, GA 30062


Front Desk

Monday – Saturday

12pm to 9pm


12pm to 7pm

Studio Policies

1. No Smoking
2. No Refunds
3. No Personal Checks
4. No Unattended Children
5. You MUST BE 18 to get tattooed
6. For piercings, if you are under 18 your biological parent or legal guardian must be present and you must both present photo ID*. Underage piercings are limited to the following: 14 years old and up for Navel, 15 and up for eyebrow, ear cartilage or nostril; and 18 and up for extreme piercing such as but not limited to industrials and orbitals, genitals, and nipples
7. You must have proper photo ID*
8. 72  hour notice is required to change an appointment
9. You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
10. You must be responsible for your own personal items

* Examples of a valid ID are a drivers license, passport, or other official, state-issued photo ID