Russ Smith

Hi! My name is Russ Smith. I have been with the company for over 20 years. I have seen it grow from one site to the fantastic studio we have now. I have worked with some very talented artists. The artists I work with now, including my brother Deano Cook are incredible tattoo artists. I have worked many positions here and I have loved working here everyday!!! The people that I work with are more than just co-workers, they are more like family. That is why we are a family run business!


As a client since 2018 who has returned to S.O.S. for both piercings and tattoos. Dock has decided to join the Sink or Swim crew to provide the same level of hospitality to our clients. Dock’s goal is to help everyone of the clients leave with not only an amazing vessel modification but, with an amazing memory of the process.