Noah Hernandez 

Noah Hernandez is a 23 year old Atlanta native, having grown up in an artist household and working for the high museum of art for two years, Noah is well rounded in many styles, and specializes in black and grey realism, he hopes to expand his knowledge of color and prides himself in making breathtaking tattoos that convey stories, emption, and beautiful imagery. 

Danii Fortino

Danii Fortino is our resident Permanent Makeup (PMU) and Fine Line Tattoo Artist. 

Prior to starting as an artist Danii was a longtime tattoo and piercing client of the studio and even worked the front desk. 

Danii holds multiple certifications and trainings in permanent makeup and areola reconstruction. Her PMU specialty is natural-looking brows without the fuss. 

She began her career as a PMU artist in 2019 and took to it like it was second nature.

Danii started with Sink or Swim in October of 2021 bringing permanent makeup to the company for the first time in 27 years!

Along with the encouragement and guidance from our very own Rob Thomas, Danii grew her existing skills to include body tattoos as well. 

She specializes in fine line, minimalist, and stipple shading. 

Briston Cook

Briston has been a part of Sink or Swim his whole life. Growing up in the studio formerly known as Psycho Tattoo and watching his father Deano Cook, he always knew tattooing was his dream. After working in the studio as a front desk representative he completed a 2 year apprenticeship to step into making his dream a reality.

Briston specializes in large-scale Black & Grey Realism, with an affinity for dark art and the macabre.

Deano Cook

Deano Cook established Sink or Swim Studio and Gallery formerly Psycho Tattoo over 27 years ago building a clientele base of ocean lovers that travel from all over the world for their appointments. Deano is a world renown artist specializing in realism with a strong focus on marine life in tattoos, oil paintings, illustrations and published underwater photography. He offers an experience taking clients through his personal stock photography to create and customize a unique and personalized tattoo from “SEA TO SKIN”. Deano has been scuba diving over 20 years collecting reference and studying marine animals so that he can articulate the oceans beauty with precision through his various art forms. Deano’s underwater photography has been published in Alert Diver Magazine, The Smithsonian and Georgia Aquarium just to name a few. 

Cris St. Curtis

In the beginning there was tattooing. Then came down a beautiful man on a fiery chariot. His name was Chris Saint Curtis. All cheered and wept with joy as he rained down tattoos of awesomeness and grace. With a passion for iconic horror imagery whether it be color or black and grey.  Having worked with some of the best in our generation it shows in his knowledge and long list of skills. Deano Cook had once been quoted as saying “Wow” when pertaining to Chris

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas has served the Atlanta area and tattoo industry for over 25 years. His decades-spanning practice has developed a well-rounded style that makes him the artist he is today. As one of the most tenured artists at Sink or Swim, he has honed his skills to include many styles, including realism, color work, and black and grey. Rob also specializes in large projects and enjoys designing custom pieces and collaborating with his clientele to make their ideas a reality. His favorite part of being an artist is the wide variety of imagery and illustration he gets to progress with his clients. He takes pride in the relationships he has developed as a result of his artistry and customer service. 

When Rob is not tattooing, you could likely find him at the skate park, riding his motorcycle, or spending time with his family. 

Rob Thomas looks forward to working with you to plan your next project. Call the shop at (770) 977-8287 to book an appointment today. For questions or availability, contact